Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Humor Me Wednesday

What holidays can we possibly be celebrating this week?
This week is National Nurses Week (THANK YOU THESE WONDERFUL MEN & WOMEN!!)
Today is Mother Goose Day, Friday is Lumpy Rug Day and Saturday is Bird Day and Space Day.
This month is National Photograph Month, National Hamburger Month (BRING ON THE BURGERS!!), National Salad Month and National Barbecue Month (...and the barbecue chicken, and the brats and the grilled veggies and and and...!)

Jackie Rakoski featuring Flamingo - Picnic celebrating Bird Day

Scrappy featuring Raggedy Nurse celebrating National Nurses Week

Min featuring AKV BBQ Hamburger Celebrating National Hamburger/Barbecue Month

Sandye Curry featuring Nurse Bear--First Aid celebrating National Nurses Week

Of course, all the images we use here can be found at The Bugaboo Stamps Store (along with some other fabulous new images you may just have missed!!)

What other 'out of the ordinary' holidays are you celebrating this week?
Happy Craftin'!

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