Friday, April 1, 2011

Important Bugaboo April News!

We have some important news for April we need to share with you. We all know that Jodie is an amazing talented artist and she has been working her fingers to the bones for the last year and a half to provide us with some of the most amazing images around. She has released two new Freebie Friday and New Release sets almost every week during this time.  What you may not know is that Jodie is also an amazing mom to 5 ranging from 3-18 yrs old! As if juggling  the roles as wife and mom are not hard enough,  Jodie has also been trying to redo the Bugaboo Store to make it more users friendly. This has been a huge undertaking with all the images she has created. Between trying to draw, clean up and upload 2 new sets every week it has become harder and harder to keep up with with everything. After much consideration Jodie has decided to step back for the month of April and get the store done!

So for the month of April we will have Freebie Fridays, we will also have a freebie on Tuesdays-- our normal New Release day however we will not be releasing any sets during this time. We have all new images planned for the Freebie Fridays and for the Tuesdays we will be sharing images that are in the store but have not ever been freebies in the past.  We have also tried to plan the freebies to coincide with upcoming challenges!

All challenges and post will remain the same however you will get double the freebies all the great images we love however no new “Sets” will be released during the month of April!

Be sure and come back at noon today for a very special surprise and your great freebie image!!


craftykitten said...

I don't know about a break to do the store Jodie, it sounds as if you need a good long lie down in the sunshine! LOL.
I'm sure no-one will object to no new releases - it just gives us something to look forward to when they return!
Dawn xx

Alex said...

WOW- I have been in awe at the continuous design releases all along, but even more so now! I concur, a real vacation in the sunshine as Dawn suggested sounds in order :) Thank you for the fabulous images!!!

MyNeed2Craft said...

<3 your images here at Bugaboo! Can't wait to see the new store. :) Enjoy your partial break. Sometimes just taking one thing off your plate can help, but like everyone before me has said, take a vacation. We'll be here when you get back. :)

Anonymous said...

I hope that Jodie finds some time in there to relax too!! It is so generous of y'all to do the freebies so frequently! Thank you!!!

Donna said...

Jodie, hope you get some rest. I am so looking forward to the new store!
Donna V

Melissa M said...

I've only got three kids and I am exhausted. You are one amazing lady Jodie. Looking forward to the new store site. That will be amazing!!!

Tammy Miller said...

Thanks everyone for your support Jodie is one hard working women and we all look forward to the new store and then maybe she can take a little breather!!!

Lisa said...

wow Jodi! Your artwork is amazing enough without adding in all the other wonderful things you do! Have a fantastic break and know that you will be missed!
Big Hugs!

Billie A said...

Thanks for the freebies Jodi. I am excited to see what you have in store for the store. I have ordered so many of your digi's I love them. I hope you enjoy your time away and get some time for your self. Thanks for all you do I know I sure enjoy your talent. Thanks and hugs.

Brenna said...

wow!! Jodie you are an amazing lady!! can't wait to see whats in store for next month!! Looking forward to your return...but be sure to take a break for yourself too!! not just the store!!! love your work!