Sunday, March 28, 2010

Scrappy Sketch Sunday

We're trying out something else new at Bugaboo Stamps!
We are letting our own hyperactive design team member, SCRAPPY loose on the blog on Sundays! 

Scrappy is going to share a sketch that you can use all week for whatever projects or cards you might need a layout for every Sunday! This is a challenge sketch that you can use along with one of Bugaboo's New Releases on Tuesday, with the freebies each Friday or to make your own Oldy but Goody to share with us on Thursday! Feel free to use it wherever and with whatever challenges you want to, so long as you give credit where credit is due, and mention Scrappy, and Bugaboo Stamps as your source for the sketch! When you use the sketch, we'd also love if you drop in on our fan groups at SNR or PCP and leave a comment with a direct link to it on your blog or online gallery so we can all see what you've done!

Here is Scrappy's Sketch
for Sunday, March 28th, 2010


Gina said...

Wicked! As a Hyperactive crafter myself I appreciate Scrappy's attitude. Besides, it'll give me something to do between washing loads as Shorty is home from uni for easter haha!
love as always Gina x x x

Gina said...

Hope its ok to leave a link here? I have joined PCP but am a bit scared to use it without supervision haha!
Love as always Gina x x x

Jodie Mackrell said...

Great JOb Scrappy!

Scrappy said...

hehehehe! I'm Baaaack!

Great card Gina! Just left you some love on your blog!

Pink Room Therapy Designs said...

Great sketch Scrappy!

Rae Anne said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Scrappy Sketch Sundays!!! MWAH!

Jodi C. said...

I LOVE this sketch Scrappy!!! THANKS for being so generous!!! I LOVE using sketches. I will use it in the near future for sure and I will let you know.!!!TFS!!!