Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Welcome to the Holiday Critter Chaos!!

Bugaboo Style!!

It's time for our annual Bugaboo Stamps Holiday Chaos week!

We've got some FABULOUS challenges AND FANTASTIC prizes for you just for playing along this week!  :)

All winners chosen via Random.org!
CLICK HERE for Holiday Chaos Day 1
CLICK HERE for Holiday Chaos Day 2
CLICK HERE for Holiday  Chaos Day 3
CLICK HERE for Holiday Chaos Day 4
CLICK HERE for Holiday Chaos Day 5
CLICK HERE for Holiday Chaos Day 6 
CLICK HERE for Holiday Chaos Day 7


One Entry Per day per Person!!

We all know the holidays cause a bit of chaos – Hosting holiday parties, Cooking family dinners, The craziness of holiday shopping, holiday treats and that last minute gift wrapping (when you realize you've run out of tape AND wrapping paper) just to name a few chaotic moments that come to mind during the holiday season.
Well, we’re going to CELEBRATE the Chaos of the Holiday season with 7 days of crafting (and winning).
1 GRAND PRIZE WINNER who participates in ALL 7 challenges:
7 free images each month for 6 months and the opportunity to "Be Our Guest" for 4 months
2nd Place Winner who participates in ALL 7 challenges:
$50 Gift Card from Bugaboo and a Guest Designer Spot for 3 months
3rd Place Winner who participates in ALL 7 challenges:
$30 Gift Card from Bugaboo and a Guest Designer Spot for 2 month

Daily Winners will also be chosen and gifted as follows:
1 person each day who participates will win 10 Bugaboo Stamps Digi Images
1 person each day who participates will win 7 Bugaboo Stamps Digi Images
1 person each day who participates will win 4 Bugaboo Stamps Digi Images
1 person each day who participates will win the Reindeer Set of Digi Images

If you are in need of some Bugaboo Images,
(Or, you just fight with your Bugaboo addiction)..
It's a good time to spoil yourself ! On for the rest of December!  =)



Gail said...

What is the limit of number of project we can enter per day? Thank you and looking forward to the challenge - if I missed this information in the read I apologize.

Tammy Miller said...

one project per day per person thanks for bringing that to our attention I have added to post!

Gail said...

Tammy - I deleted #2 on Day 1 as that was entry number 2 for me so that is why the next person in line is #3 [that is a linky thing because we have it happen on our design team as well - frustrating] oh well - and thanks for letting me know! Have a blessed week and please ignore the email I sent about the newsletter - I found it!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what those last couple of posts are about?

Mohan Medicity said...

Nice collection ….keep posting such things

Jodie Mackrell said...

No clue about the comments, i have to go through and keep deleting them every so often

Jodie Mackrell said...

BEST. DESIGN TEAM. EVER. =) SO happy to see those who have joined us! Thank you!

Aileen said...

Hi I am just downloading some files and want to do some cards for the 7 day challenge. Can you tell me where I can find this group of reindeers. I looked in the shop and couldnt find and they are so cute. Thanks Aileen

KathyA. said...

Aileen, that wonderful set is the prize created for this event. If I remember from the last challenges, it will be available for sale in the shop after the event ends. (And I agree... it is so cute!)

Jodie Mackrell said...

Aileen, thank you so much! Kathy is correct, it usually goes in the next Tuesday after the event.
It just dawned on me though that some may want them sooner than that for Christmas...AND we made it so its open till the end of December. So that doesnt really work does it? LOL
I figured Ill post them Saturday, but Ill talk to Tammy and see what she thinks, maybe ill get them in the shop even sooner than Saturday.
I guess I wasnt really thinking was I?

Pam Sebring said...

Great chaos challenge!!

KathyA. said...

Loving these daily prompts! I do have one question. Is is okay to use stamps/digis from other companies? I don't see that noted in anywhere but it looks like the entries aren't all Bugaboos. I just posted a card with a non-Bug item and will delete it if needed. Thanks!

Jodie Mackrell said...

HI Kathy! yes! absolutely you can! =)
I think every year we made it so at least the grande prize had to be using a Bugaboo image, but it seems we forgot about that part of it this year. LOL Holiday chaos. ? LOL
You are more than welcome to use any image! Of course we are thrilled when you use a Bugaboo image, but we welcome and love seeing creations made using our friends images as well! Thank you for joining us Kathy! and dont forget you have until the end of the month to get them in =)

Jeni Mc said...

Thank you for all the fun challenges this week . Happy Christmas to you all and thanks for the inspiration throughout the year and the fabulous freebies Jx

Jennifer_GlitterInMyHair said...

Whew, just got my last project posted and I hit all 7! Thanks for the amazing ideas and inspiration <3

Borqna said...

Happy New Year to all!