Tuesday, November 8, 2011

11/08/2011 New Release Tuesday

Since our uber-cute Make It Snappy reindeer don't have any names and since Melchior, Caspar, and Balthasar are already taken by those wise guys, I took the liberty of dubbing our trio Griswold, Fruitcake, and Shiny Balls. . .;)

A creature may not be stirring in your little corner of God's green earth, but it's been nothing but merry mayhem here at Bugaboo Stamps. We're back to finish what we started with last week's new release - New Christmas-themed Make It Snappy images are on sale now in our store!

Cheryl First, GD for 11/2011 & 12/2011

Billie Anderson, GD for 10/2011 & 11/2011

Melissa Sackman

Becky Givans

Tammy Miller, DT Coordinator

Note: Bugaboo Stamps makes every attempt to get our digital images uploaded to the store by noon EST for New Release Tuesday, but please accept our apologies and check back later in the day if they're not there at that time.

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~ Barb said...

I laughed out loud....shiny balls, awesome!