Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bugaboo Stamps Is Sponsoring Stamping With the Dragon!!!

Bug on the Move Sponsoring Black[1]_thumb

If real estate is all about location, and getting a job is all about who you know, then digi stamps is all about who features your images on their blog. And because of that, Bugaboo Stamps has sponsored a whole helluva lotta challenges, blog hops, and companies over the past 18+ months. But as we began filling our schedule for 2012, we mused aloud "Hmm, how can we scratch the backs of the ones that scratch ours? How can we get the most wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am for our proverbial buck?" In a stroke of sheer genius (Or maybe it was madness, as we have nothing less than world domination in mind.), we shouted "We got your challenge, your dare, your throw-down, yo' mama, right here so BRING IT." And with that double-dog-dare, we challenged some of the entities that we sponsor to a hostage exchange. . .OOPS, I mean DT swap. . .BWAH-HA-HA-HA!!!

Now, as much as we'd like to be able to take on all comers, our DT members insist that they have this thing called a "life?" What the hell is that?!?!? This is supposed to be the BTV channel, all Bugaboo Stamps, all day, all night. (SIGH). . .They just don't make evil henchmen like they used to. So the "some" above refers to the challenges, blog hops, and companies that we've randomly selected to play footsies with. We hope to be able to do that with everyone eventually, but we realize that we can't expect go get past first base on our first date. Bear with us though - We'll end up in the back seat eventually. .. ;)

Anyway, you're going to see ma-ny, manymanymanymany, ma-ny new faces (and more that a few surprises) here on Bugaboo Stamps' challenge blog, Catch the Bug, in the coming months and year. And, you're going to see the Bugaboo Stamps DT doing their part to make us masters of the universe like the good little minions that they are. Youl never know where they're going to strike next, but I promise you that you'll want to be there. . .;)

And so it begins. . .


Today we're sponsoring the Occupation challenge across the pond on the Stamping With the Dragon Challenge Blog with seven free images. Click on the badge above to catch up on all the challenge 411, but not before you take a look below at the absolutely fabulous projects created by Amy and Lori, two of our incredibly talented DT members, featuring Stamping Dragon Designs' Nurse Penny and Surgeon Moo Cow!

Amy Ely                            Lori Padberg

There are more great images where these came from - Just click on Stamping Dragon Designs' badge below!


Here are two more fabulous projects created by two of the members of the Stamping With the Dragon Challenge Blog DT!!!

Anne                                          Kevin

You can find more of these great projects using Bugaboo Stamps on their challenge blog so go check out Stamping With the Dragon Challenge Blog  for some great inspiration!

And in a final twist, come back on Saturday, 09/03/2011, for Bugaboo Stamps' monthly Anything Goes challenge at Catch the Bug to see what happens when two of Stamping With the Dragon's DT members join us. We thank Stamping With the Dragon for the opportunity to sponsor their challenge today, and we look forward to "bugging" their DT members. . .;)


Mags said...

I love this post, it made me laugh aloud!! Great idea to do DT swapsies, I for one welcome our new digi overlords!!

luv, Mags x

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

How delightful and what a great introduction and explanation. All the cards are wonderful!

*CAFE said...

Fantastic, evil-genius-thinking!
Looking forward to seeing all the great cross-DT projects, and can't wait to explore the deep dark realms of the "others". :0)