Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Humor Me Wednesday

What are we celebratin' today - 
This month is Candy Month =)  Can you say YEAH for Candy?!
Well, Monday was Repeat Day (I said "Repeat Day") and what a bummer that it was a Repeat Day on a Monday (can you say GROUND HOG DAY?)
Yesterday - Hug your Cat Day (That's EVERY Day in our house)
Yesterday was also Old Maid's Day (Maybe they need a hug too)
Tomorrow - is National Gardening Exercise Day (Get out and Exercise with your plants) - it's also National Yo-Yo Day
Friday - man alive, I'm celebratin'
National Chocolate Ice Cream Day and National Doughnut Day!
And Saturday - Best Friends Day (since we're in the huggin' mood - Hug your Best Friend too!)

So what wonderful holidays are our designers celebrating?
Sandye Curry featuring Crabby Cat--I'm the Boss celebratin' Hug Your Cat Day
Amy Ely featuring Stella Morning - bowl of stupid celebratin' Old Maid's Day

Kathy Curry featuring Crabby Cat - Cool Cat celebratin' Hug Your Cat Day
Jenn Zeeb featuring Bugaboo Brats-Best Buds celebratin' Best Friends Day
Of course, all these super cute and adorable or snarky images in Stella's case can be found at The Bugaboo Stamps Store.
Happy Craftin'!

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