Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Happy Half Way to Friday otherwise known as Humor Me Wednesday here at The Bug Blog!
What craziness are we celebrating this week?
This Month is National Adopt a Cat Month and Candy Month - 
This week is Email Week (don't we all get enough of that?!)
Sunday was Donald Duck Day, 
Monday was Iced Tea Day (man I love me so good iced tea!)
Yesterday was Hug Holiday (did you get some huggin' in?)
Today is Red Rose Day
Tomorrow - Sewing Machine Day
Friday is SMILE Power Day (so get to smilin')
and Saturday (the 3rd Saturday in June) is NATIONAL HOLLERIN' CONTEST DAY!!!
I can repeat that if you didn't hear me.  =)
And for all those special Dad's out there - YES, we're celebratin' you on Sunday with Father's Day!
So, what days are our designers celebratin?
Lori Padberg featuring Crabby Cathy Download Life celebrating Email Week

Sandye curry using Bugaboo Brats Bugs--Snail celebrating Smile Power Day
Stephanie Serranofeaturing Girl Roses celebrating Red Roses Day

Of course, all these images can be found at The Bugaboo Stamps Store along with some really great new releases that Miss Jodie posted just yesterday for us to play with!!
Happy Craftin'!

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