Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Humor Me Wednesday!

Yep, It's another HUMOR ME Wednesday day here at Bugaboo!
This month is National Craft Month and National Nutrition Month!
This past Friday was National Pig Day, Sunday was I Want You to be Happy Day, Monday was Hug a GI Day and this Saturday, get your Nasty attitude out because it's Be Nasty Day. =)
Billie A  featuring Kidlet Army celebrating Hug a GI Day

Kelly S, Guest Designer featuring Stella Tidbit - For This celebrating "Be Nasty Day" (boy, doesn't Stella fit that bill?!)
Becky Givans featuring Gus Fishing celebrating "Be Nasty Day" (Yep, Gus is another Bugaboo character that fits this holiday great!)

Thanks for stoppin' by today to celebrate our Humor Me Wednesday!
Be sure to come back for a visit tomorrow and check out all the Fabulous Oldie But Goodie projects.  =)
Happy Craftin'!

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