Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Humor Me Wednesday

What are we celebrating this week?
Well - 
Sunday was Random Acts of Kindness Day
TODAY is Hoodie Hoo Day AND Love Your Pet Day
Friday is Be Humble Day and International World Thinking Day
Anyone else wondering what the he-double hockey sticks Hoodie Hoo Day is?
Well, today you're supposed to tell your kids that in order to keep winter at bay they should head outside and scare the chills away by yelling "Hoodie Hoo!"

If you really want to keep them busy for a bit - tell 'em they have to run around outside too making crazy faces to scare away the chill (maybe that will burn off some of that bottled up energy they have.....

Look at that - you learned something new today, didn't ya!  =)

How were we inspired by this weeks Humor Me Holidays?
Well, see for yourself!  =)
Cheryl First featuring Valentine Baskets - Puppy celebrating Love Your Pet Day
Sandye Curry featuring Garden Cat--Water Can celebrating Love Your Pet Day

Min featuring Flower Water Cans - Tulip Can celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day

Happy Craftin'!

1 comment:

Andrea6760 said...

I sent my daughter (she is in college) a text with the info on Hoodie Hoo Day...she replied...I'm not doing that!! LOL Thanks for the info, it really gave me a chuckle this morning!