Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Humor Me Wednesday

Welcome to our very FIRST Humor Me Wednesday here at Catch The Bug Blog with Bugaboo Stamps.

Did you know that this week we're CELEBRATING - 
 Yesterday, Tuesday, January 1 we celebrated New Year's Day, 
Tomorrow, January 3 is Festival of Sleep Day (That's my kind of day!) and 
this Saturday, January 5 is National Bird Day.
And today, a few of our designers were INSPIRED by these Humor Me Holidays!  =)
Lori Padberg featuring Stella Gus "Grumpy" - Festival of Sleep Day
Stephanie Serrano featuring Stella and Gus Tidbits-Gus Grumpy - Festival of Sleep Day

Sandye Curry featuring Boo--Sleeping Star - Festival of Sleep Day

Join us next week to see what Funny Bone ticklers inspire our team!  
Happy Craftin'!


Arlene said...

Cute and fun!

MiamiKel said...

What a great way to start the day ... Smiling!! Great work! Xoxo

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