Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It’s Tutorial Wednesday!

I always LOVE tutorial Wednesdays – not sure about you, but a new technique or way to do things is always fun to learn! 

Today Linda Jessup  brings us a  great tutorial!  Her  tutorial  today is showing us how to Add a signature and logo to back of your card using Word !   Now how cool I is that

?Check out these adorable sample below and give it a shot!   Be sure and check out Linda's blog for not just this tutorial but some great Bugaboo projects!*D8ySsrdcOAiMHX-ojbjkWU*wBfDXf95wCB-blx1zT3gM2fKcEfUoLsB9-C3T9vXcEcv5gA5XVHepSyfyUwXKEcGoWcCV5Gl/P1010187.JPG


Thanks Linda for such a great tutorial!


scrappindede said...

I went to Linda's blog and searched high and low...I can't find this tutorial. Help!! Thanks.

Jowanne said...
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Jowanne said...

I can't find out this tutorial.

I need a hand !