Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bugaboo Sponsors Crafting with your Kids!


Thank you for stopping by today!  I am so excited today because I get to introduce you to our newest Sponsor Challenge!

Today we get to sponsor  Crafting with Kids!

This is a great  challenge blog that encourages us to craft with our kids!   I love the concept so please help us spread the word!

There is plenty of time to play because we are sponsoring Crafting with Kids for an entire month so get your kids together have fun and create a wonderful project with them!

You can check out all the fabulous teams we have the privilege to sponsor by checking out our “Partners Page”. That will give you just a glimpse of all the great challenges coming your way.

Did you know you can get a complete list of upcoming challenges at the beginning of each month in our monthly newsletter “Bugaboo News” You can subscribe Email

Below are some great designers in training!!!

Below are Sam’s (owner of Crafting with Kids) adorable daughters!




To help kick off the latest event at Crafting with Kids we have some of the talented Bugaboo DT members children have played along creating wonderful projects.  These kids are going to be wonderful designers one day!

crafting with kids- samuel

by Samuel Zeeb son of  Jennifer Zeeb

Annabella2forBBforKidssponsAnnabella  for BB Spons Kids

Miss Annabella – dtr of  Yvonne (Scrappy)\

Thank You Crafting with Kids ,   for the opportunity to sponsor your challenge today!

Bugaboo has lots going on so be sure and check back daily so you don’t miss a thing!


Would you like to Partner up with Bugaboo for your challenges??? We sponsor all events offering 7 free digis to the your winners and lots of added exposure to your events and your DT.

If you have questions or if you are ready to set your team up to partner with Bugaboo Email me for all your Sponsoring needs!

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