Tuesday, May 29, 2012

05/29/2012 New Release Tuesday

Dear AllisonG, I crack myself up too. . .;) 

I'm not cheap, but I am on special this week. . .;) So, shoot me an e-mail at huera90 @ gmail dot cot - I want to try really, really hard to make your day as wonderful as you just made mine. . .:D

I was going to say something. . .I'm sure it was important. . .gimme just a second. . .it's coming to me. . .there, on the tip of my tongue. . .it's. . .Oh yeah, this weeks'  new release at Bugaboo Stamps is Summer Ducks and they are available for purchase in our store now.

Jessica Esch, GD for 05/2012 & 06/2012

Julie Temple, GD for 05/2012 & 06/2012
Note: Bugaboo Stamps makes every attempt to get our digital images uploaded to the store by noon EST for New Release Tuesday, but please accept our apologies and check back later in the day if they're not there at that time.
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