Friday, May 25, 2012

05/25/2012 Freebie Friday

Walk softly, 
and carry a big carrot. 

That's good advice considering that you never know when you'll encounter a hundred-pound salad in need of a little sprucing up. Expect the unexpected, that's what I always say (not really. . .;)

This week's Freebie Friday image at  Bugaboo Stamps is Garden Bunny - Carrot. You can download him and purchase the rest of our horticultural hares in the store for free all week long.  

Note: Bugaboo Stamps makes every attempt to get our digital images uploaded to our store by noon EST for Freebie Friday, but please accept our apologies and check back later in the day if they're not there at that time.
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AllisonG said...

Rae Anne, I love your sense of humor. You always add a smile or a laugh (or even a snort sometimes!) to my day when I read your funny posts.

Rhonda Miller said...

Such a cute bunny. Thank you.