Tuesday, January 3, 2012

01/03/2012 New Release Tuesday

And now we welcome the new year,
full of things that have never been.
-Rainer Maria Rilke

For example, this week's latest collection at  Bugaboo Stamps, Love Blocks, and our incredibly talented, gorgeous GDs for 01/2012, Jennifer & Sammi!  :D

Jennifer Zeeb, GD for 01/2012

Note: Bugaboo Stamps makes every attempt to get our digital images uploaded to the store by noon EST for New Release Tuesday, but please accept our apologies and check back later in the day if they're not there at that time.
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CraftyGirl said...

oooohhh! Very Pretty!



Emily said...

They're all so beautiful! I think I am way overdue on making a new card!! :) Thanks for the inspiration!

Lynne said...

Gorgeous digi. Thanks Lynne from Oz

Montgomery said...

oooohhh! Very Pretty! TTFN, CraftyGirl